How To Achieve Success and Happiness

The 6 Principle Strategy For Creating a Successful & Happy Life Series: 

The 6 Principles for Creating a Successful & Happy Life reveals the simple, easy to follow formula created and personally used by author, Galit Goldfarb, which allowed her to go from having literally nothing in every important aspect of her life to achieving success in all areas.

This book explains how she did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why some people seem to have it all, while others seem destined to a life of frustration, struggle and unhappiness? And how to change this.
  • Why your choices create your life and how the practical lessons in this book will show you how to significantly improve them all.
  • How to achieve success and happiness in every aspect of your life, from health through to money matters, relationships and peace of mind; by making successful choices


  • How to gain control and become master over your life once and for all. 
  •  A real gem for people aspiring to improve their lives.”

    Erika Leibowich

  • I'm really enjoying these five books. Very practical and readable.”

    Marlene Outlton

    The "Words Lady"
  • A great book for self improvement and a fun read.

    Karin Lychee

  • I consider it a very valuable guide book for making successful choices.”

    Idan Reich

Galit Goldfarb

About the Author

Galit Goldfarb #1 International Bestselling Author, PhD student, MSc, BSc, is the owner of Liv Gold Co. An association of businesses sharing the common purpose of helping others achieve the life of their dreams. Liv Gold's goals are to help people through education to become master over every aspect of their lives. Galit Goldfarb educates people through her online training programs, self improvement books, retreats and seminars from Liv Gold's different business branches, each dealing with a different aspect of life. 

In the past, Goldfarb was personally dealing with major issues in all of the major aspects of life. Her daily living was very difficult raising two mentally challenged girls alone, with a very difficult financial situation. Slowly it had its toll on her health as well. Her lawyer explained to her that if she wouldn’t get her financial act together there was a possibility that her girls would be taken away from her. She then began to research the subject of changing her mindset and beliefs about earning money and about life in general. She read books from the most influential self-help gurus ever to have lived, and over a period of twelve months she changed her life around completely. She researched the writer’s methods and learned from their secrets.

 This period involved much personal transformation for her as she delved deeply into changing irrelevant and non-useful beliefs and behaviors that she held. She learned that her thought patterns were unsupportive of success in any and all fields. She slowly learned the tools to change these thought patterns, and realized how she was personally sabotaging any possibility of success for herself. She changed her thought patterns and behaviors drastically and as a result created for herself the amazing life she dreamed of having. By researching behavioral science and  the science of neuroplasticity, as well as her personal experiences, Goldfarb founded the formula for making succesful choices. Goldfarb summarized the methods she learned and used during this period in her life into  her five book series "How to Achieve Success and Happiness".